Dry Lining

What is Dry Lining?

Dry Lining is the process of which we install plasterboard to timber, metal stud or brick walls in which plaster is added to the board to give the meeting points in the plasterboard a sleek and flawless look . This type of wall is called a drywall. Dry lining has become widely used by contractors because of its quick application process, it is also cleaner to apply than 2 coat plaster systems.


There is also another technique of dry lining that we use, known by tradesmen as dot and dab; this method of dry lining is much more intricate as it involves applying plasterboard adhesive. This adhesive is then placed onto the wall in “dots and dabs” using a hawk and trowel; plasterboard is then gently pressed into these dabs and checked for levels and square vertically and horizontally. “Dots and Dab” is the method in which we apply to masonry. Dry lining timber or metal is called tracking: Firstly we measure the sheet, make any cuts if needed then fix the plasterboard to the ceiling joists or timber stud walls using clout nails or drywall screws to ensure security.


Ceilings Partitions offers all aspects of plastering and dry lining based in Manchester we cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

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