Main services

+MF Ceilings
We fit a wide range of Metal Frame Plasterboard Ceilings which are suspended ceilings used for upgrading original soffits (ceiling fitting) within existing refurbishments or new build properties. We use MF Ceilings which are made by British Gypsum and consist of a metal framework which is used as a suspension.
+Grid Ceilings
Concealed grid MF ceiling systems are suspended ceilings suitable for most internal drylining applications. The hidden ceiling grid and lining is used in conjunction with plasterboard to create a seamless, sleek appearance.
Partitions are walls that splits the floor region of a building into rooms to provide closure to the building from noise and for privacy. These partitions are not load bearing walls and their cross section is taken thin.
Plastering is a technique used to create an acceptable final wall or ceiling finish to a construction prior to decorating the building. We use a wide range of high quality plasterboards. * Plasterboard is an MDF board used to finish a buildings interior, plasterboards can be installed to brick, to wooden frames and to ceilings.
Dry Lining is the process of which we install plasterboard to either timber, metal or brick; in which plaster is added to the board to give the meeting points in the plasterboard a sleek and flawless look. This type of wall is called a drywall…
+Tape and Joint
Some plasterboards that are put into place have ‘tapered edges’ that dip slightly at each side. When two boards meet together then both tapered edges on both board can be jointed to create a flat surface. The tapered edges are filled with a joint filler compound (by British Gypsum) that dries within an hour.
+Fire Protection
Ceilings Partitions specialise in all aspects of fire protection and fire stopping.
Rendering is the technique in which Partition walls are installed on the exterior of a building

Services overview

services-pageOur main services that we supply are Ceiling Fittings and Partition Walls. The rest of our services are located left.

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